1. Amor y Odio son hermanos.


    “Lo contrario del amor no es el odio,
    es la indiferencia al sufrimiento ajeno”.

    Nobel de la Paz Elie Wiesel

    It reminds me of a song Jose Feliciano used to sing and that my mom used to play in the house when I was a kid
    "Odiame por piedad yo te lo pido
    Odiame sin medidas ni clemencia
    Odio quiero mas que indiferencia
    Porque el rencor hiere menos que el olvido…”

  2. "If sex without love can exist, then people need to realize love without sex can exist."
    Unknown (via halluzinogen)
  3. pugletto:

    Worldbending | North America (Tarahumara; Hochunk; Tohono O’odham; Potawatomi.)

  4. "The term Chicano is derived from the word Mejicano or Mexican, which it itself is rooted in the word Mexicano (with the “x” pronounced as “ch”) within the Nahuatl language from which it stems. Mexicano was thus in reference to the Mexica, or Aztecs as later called by the Spanish colonists, and was derived from the union of four terms: meztli (moon), xictli (bellybutton), coyotl (offspring, child of), noxt (yes). Although translations rarely do justice to actual meanings of words, it is from these root words that mexica translates roughly to ‘children from the bellybutton of the moon’. Likewise, xicano, from its Nahuatl base can be taken to mean an affirmation ‘Yes! I am the child of the bellybutton/earth’."

    Robert Hernandez, Running for Peace and Dignity

    this made my heart melt… somos el obligito de la luna/we are the moon’s bellybutton

    (via tonanzin-x)
  5. "Brown girl,
    you are lovely
    in every shade."

    © 2013 Maza - Dohta

    fair ‘n’ lovely is a constructed product of colonization,
    and we are so much more. 

    (via maza-dohta)

  6. buddhag:


    This is for those who are curious and you all out in Ferguson. I’m going to be attaching some info graphics (one may seem needless due to circumstances but I’m adding it anyway.) I have some more info I’d like to put into a better to use format ( alot of them are screen grabs and I’d like to put in clearer and slur free language.) If you want me to send anything I got or any info I have ( I’m a Criminal Justice student) don’t hesitate to ask. 

    I have seen a few of these but a post with them compiled may help more. I will be editing these as I get it all prepared I’ll use the Ferguson Protest Aid tag for any updates I do. Stay safe everyone.

    the types of things it looks like we are all going to know moving forward and teach the young folks in our families

  7. thebluelip-blondie:




    if you’re interested, this person is trying to organize a food/meal drive for elementary school kids in Ferguson

    schools in Ferguson have been closed since Monday and that’s where a LOT of the kids in Ferguson get their food from, to explain how important this is.


    If you guys can spare any money please or at least spread this around

  8. princeburrito:

    To die by your thighs is such a heavenly way to die

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